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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the maximum speed?

    It really depends on various factors such as the slope, user weight, weather, and terrain. On full throttle power, you'll be able hit 32km/h with out pedaling.
  • How far can I travel on a single charge of the battery?

    Depending on the level assist, terrain, weather condition, and battery type.  Please revert to the product specifications for more information.  
  • How long will the battery last before I have to buy a new one?

    The life cycle of a battery is up to 700 charges. You will know when your battery is coming to an end by experiencing a decline in the distance per charge.  
  • What is the warranty?

    Spark Bikes provides 2 years warranty against the frame and 1 year on its electrical parts.

  • What makes Spark Bikes better than the rest?

    We have strong logistics and fulfilment capabilities that help us cut on costs and pass big savings to you.