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Meet Our Fleet

Blade - ($1,999)
Makes other bikers jealous
Makes terrain your playground
It works for everyone

Spark RX - ($3,199)
Truly legendary, the ultimate choice for serious eMTBs
Mid-Drive system with powerful torque

Extremely responsive with dual speed sensors

Why not get the best of the best for unbeatable prices?

Spark Bikes brings you the ultimate balance, delivering power and high quality at a reasonable price. Selling directly to customers has strengthened the relationship between us, and has given customers a sweeter deal as they no longer pay the extra costs of retailers.


How does your Spark Bike arrive?

After thoroughly testing your bike and making sure it's flawless, we carefully pack your bike and ensure it's well sealed and protected with layers of foam and other protective material.

Scrap your car and get $850 off the purchase of a Spark Bike. Eligible for British Columbia residents. Terms and conditions apply.
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Buy now and pay later with PayBright.
Instant credit - Monthly payments - No hidden fees
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