Owner's Manual & Assembly Instructions

The manuals are in PDF format, you might require Adobe® Reader® to be able to view them.
Choose your manual:
Spark (pdf)
Spark Bolt (pdf)
Spark City (pdf)
Spark Mini (pdf)
Spark RX (pdf)
Spark X (pdf)
Spark X Leisure (pdf)
Blade (pdf)
LCD manual:
LCD Configuration (pdf)

Lights: Press and hold the +(up) button for one second to turn on/off the lights.
Reset data
(AVG Speed, MAX Speed, Trip and Time):
1. Turn on the LCD
2. Double press POWER button to enter setting mode
3. Change the CR n to CR y by pressing “+” button
4. Double press POWER button again to confirm

- The pedals are marked “L” for Left and “R” for Right. The left pedal is tightened by turning it counterclockwise and the right pedal by turning it clockwise.
- Inflate tires to 40 psi and 20-30 psi for fat tires.

- Lube your chain frequently (every 100km) using a special bike lube to maximize performance and get a smooth ride.
- Keep your battery indoor when weather condition is extreme to extend battery life.