Spark RX | 2019


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Key Features:
- Powerful 500 Watt Mid-Drive system delivering 120 N.m torque power
- Auto Light Detection
- Premium MTB Tires
Hydraulic Suspension Seat Post

A bike of all bikes. The M600 Bafang mid-drive motor is only suited for a fighter jet and the Spark RX. With its high torque and dual speed sensors, it reacts with lightning speed and great reliability... it's truly impressive.

Optional Accessories: Lock, Mirror, Pannier, Coil Spring Cushion Seat


Speed Mode
Average speed, max speed, and actual speed.

Speed Display

Indicates your current speed.

Battery Indicator
5 Bars indicate your battery life.

PAS Level
Indicates the power assist level (1 - 9). The higher the number the more motor support you will get when you pedal. You can set it to level 0 and get no power assist. (You can use the throttle manually)

Headlight & Backlight
Indicates if the lights are on. Hold the "up" button for 2 seconds to turn on the lights.

Trip Odometer
See how far you traveled, max trip distance, and riding time.

Spark Electric Bike LG Battery (eBike)

Spark Electric Bike Gel Saddle (eBike)

Spark Electric Bike Gear Shifter (eBike)

Spark Electric Bike Throttle (eBike)

Spark Electric Bike Sizing (eBike)

Spark RX is 90% pre-assembled. Unpacking and assembling will take about 15-20 minutes. All you have to do is mount the front wheel and fender, handlebar, seat post, and pedals, and do a thorough check to ensure everything is tight.
Click here to access the Owner's Manual & Assembly Instructions.

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